Travel and Exercise

Travel and ExerciseSummer is in full swing, and by now you’ve probably started wondering how to keep off the weight!  With summer time comes travel, vacation, eating out, and alot of inactivity thanks to the oppressive heat. All form a great combination for weight gain if you’re not mindful!

Travel and exercise can mix rather seamlessly though! If you’re traveling, set aside time to do something that raises your heart rate. Use your hotel’s fitness center if available, or choose to take the steps instead of an elevator. If on vacation, plan something activities that are fun in addition to why you’re going. For instance, go on an excursion that requires some hiking, or rent bicycles and ride them along the beach. When you eat out, keep it light, make healthy choices, and mind your alcohol intake.

Summer time also provides a prime opportunity to take your workouts outside the walls of the fitness center. This is a great way to add a little variety to your workout, and keep it fun and exciting. Here are a few tips for when you take your exercise outdoors!

1. Stay creative: the only limit to your exercise variation and selection is creativity. Use trees, benches, jungle gyms, TRX straps, and whatever else you can use to create your exercise routine.

2. Avoid the heat: Choose a time of the day where you don’t get caught in the heat, and be sure to bring plenty of fluid so you stay hydrated.

3. Work out with a partner: This keeps you both focused, and creates accountability!