The “Complimentary” Fitness Assessment

Personal Trainer with ClientWhat is a Fitness Assessment? How Do I Get Started?

Usually, when you join a fitness center, you’re offered a complimentary fitness assessment or orientation session with a personal trainer or fitness manager that works at the facility. Many of us absolutely dread something like this, where height, weight, blood pressure, flexibility, strength deficits, movement compensations and other vital stats are noted.

After you’re finished, you’ll be pitched with buying a personal training package. Some people readily avoid this experience, and would rather just start just to avoid being pitched. Instead, you should see this as a free session that teaches you more about your body, and where you are health-wise. Going through with an orientation session does not mean you’re obligated to buy personal training, so I’d advise you to take full advantage of it! If nothing else, you’ll get a feel for the professionalism and competence of the company that provides personal training services at your facility.

Your Fitness Assessment

This fitness assessment  will serve as a baseline for you or your trainer to properly build your fitness program! Many of us dread it – but it really gives us something quantitative to refer back to after several weeks! Rather than starting with no direction of what you need to do, you’ll at the very least have a starting point. When I was training clients full time, I always gave two free sessions. The first was an assessment day; And,during the second, I took my results from the assessment day, and used them to put together a challenging workout for my potential client which they could do on their own if they opted not to buy a training package.Very often, these people would purchase my services, but even if they didn’t, they knew how to foam roll properly, and put themselves through a challenging personalized workout! Find a trainer that does this for you out of the goodness of their heart!