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Turkey, pumpkin pie, holiday parties, alcohol, sweet treats, 12-hours of college bowl games, and non [...]

When you think of the most common lower body injuries, you think ankle sprains, shin splints, runner [...]

Are you an evidence-based practitioner? Think about it; are you really? An athletic trainer working [...]

You’re being duped folks! Long duration cardio training does not make you lose more fat and weight. [...]

I have no idea how long the sit-up has been around – a thousand years maybe? Whatever it is we’ve be [...]

Day 30 Grasshopper Push-ups 3 sets of 12 rep’s alternating legs 0-30 seconds in between each rep Cli [...]

Most cheeses are processed. That is the hard part for me when making a sandwich. http://www.foxnews. [...]

Day 29 Knuckle Push-ups 3 sets of 15 rep’s 0-30 seconds of rest in between each set Click here for v [...]

Day 28 Leg Swing Push-ups 3 sets of 8 rep’s per leg swing/side 0-30 seconds of rest in between each [...]

Day 27 Push-ups on a Stability Ball 3 sets of 15 rep’s 0-30 seconds rest in between sets Click here [...]

Healthy men who did 20 minutes of daily weight training had less of an increase in age-related abdom [...]

New distance rehabilitation system developed for patients with heart pathologiesA new distance heart rehabilitation system based on physical exercise routines for people affected b [...]

Moderate to vigorous exercise was associated with lower blood pressure and blood glucose levels in a [...]

A health promotion program, called In SHAPE, designed for people with serious mental illness, produc [...]

People who performed at the highest fitness levels on a stress test were projected to have a 20 perc [...]

Geoff Lecovin, MS, DC, ND, CSCS, NASM-CPT, CES, PES Looking for ways to boost your metabolism? Try a [...]

By Stacey Penney, MS, NASM-CPT, CES, PES, FNS For some of the top New Year’s resolutions, the benefi [...]

By Fabio Comana MA, MS, NASM-CPT, CES & PES; ACE CPT & HC; NSCA CSCS; ACSM HFS, CISSN, Exerc [...]

By Rick Richey, MS, LMT, NASM-CPT, CES, PES My years of corporate education in the fitness industry [...]

Here’s a quick 30-minute workout that will get clients on the road to fitness! The biggest excuse pe [...]

The popularity of walking as a fitness activity is growing by leaps and bounds. Low risk and easy to [...]

If increasing muscle mass is one of your goals, then think twice before you go out for a night of he [...]

Are you finding it difficult to get out of bed in the morning for your daily walk? Are you making up [...]

The benefits of exercise are well-researched and well-documented. Unfortunately, that’s not always t [...]

It’s summertime and you head out for a run. Before you even finish the first mile, your body feels a [...]