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Whenever I get the chance, I’ll take out the camera for a little “practice.” After Brazilian Day in San Diego (2012), where I spent an entire day capturing shots, it’s become somewhat of a hobby for me. I draw my inspiration from a great friend of mine – Tucson-located – Justin Haugen, who’s an amazingly talented photographer that turned his passion into his career! Click on each below to view the event galleries.

La Gran Fiesta hosted annually by the Scottsdale Center for The Performing Arts. A celebration of Latin and Hispanic cultures.

Which Type of Flexibility Exercises are Best?

World's Greatest Stretch - Dynamic Flexibility ExerciseA Meeting of the Minds

Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to listen to industry gurus like John Berardi, Dr. Don Chu, Mike Boyle, Mark Verstegen, Gray Cook, and Mike Stone give their take on where the Health and Fitness Industry is headed. This annual conference  known as The Meeting of the Minds, covered topics that ranged widely from aspects of physical training to running a successful business. One I remember well, centered around the benefits of flexibility exercises, and which method is best used.

Creatine Supplementation: Is it Worthwhile?

Creatine SupplementsAccording to the Mayo Clinic, creatine monohydrate is one of the most popular supplements taken among athletes. It occurs naturally in the body, and helps muscles to release energy. (1) Surprisingly, just as in the 90s, only speculation exists as to whether high doses of creatine can potentially cause damage to the kidneys or liver. This stems from the fact that both are used to eliminate excess amounts not utilized by the body. As with the use of any supplement, side effects may occur, including cramping of the stomach, muscle cramps, nausea, diarrhea, and weight gain resulting from either water retention – or actual gains in muscle mass. (2)

Shin Splints: Prevention and Battle

Shin SplintsIf you’re new to exercise, and decided running would be a great way to get fit, you may have run into a few roadblocks here and there. Hopefully, shin splints weren’t one of them. In case they were, here is a way to rule out if your footwear caused them, and keep them from coming back!

Are You at Risk of Developing Shin Splints?

Check your feet and footwear. Do your shoes look overly worn on one side versus the other? And do you have flat, natural, or high arches? If you have flat feet, you should be wearing shoes that provide some medial posting for stability. Take a look at your shoes, and see if there is a small piece of plastic or harder material on the medial side of the shoes. If there isn’t, the chance exists you’re running in shoes that provide too much cushion, and not enough support for your arches. Every time your feet strike the ground, your arches fall unsupported; and, cause the various muscles involved to work less efficiently. Eventually, this leads to pain and injury.

The Benefits of Compression Clothing

Compression ClothingA few years ago there was an enormous surge behind wearing compression clothing in the endurance and multisport communities. Compression clothing’s immense popularity eventually bled into other fitness niches, whether for function or fashion, as often seen with Crossfit, Football, Soccer, Swimming, and other Fitness Enthusiasts. Even as a techno-savvy triathlete, the compression clothing was something I always wondered about, and after some research, even utilized. A big question has always been whether the compression clothing provides form over function, or vice-versa. If you ever watch a triathlon, you’ll wonder whether the extent that some  endurance athletes wear this is even necessary or effective. Sure, I have a pair of socks that I wear after long training sessions, or tough races, but does it really work? Some great research was published, and the answer is “yes.”