The Benefits of Compression Clothing

Compression ClothingA few years ago there was an enormous surge behind wearing compression clothing in the endurance and multisport communities. Compression clothing’s immense popularity eventually bled into other fitness niches, whether for function or fashion, as often seen with Crossfit, Football, Soccer, Swimming, and other Fitness Enthusiasts. Even as a techno-savvy triathlete, the compression clothing was something I always wondered about, and after some research, even utilized. A big question has always been whether the compression clothing provides form over function, or vice-versa. If you ever watch a triathlon, you’ll wonder whether the extent that some  endurance athletes wear this is even necessary or effective. Sure, I have a pair of socks that I wear after long training sessions, or tough races, but does it really work? Some great research was published, and the answer is “yes.”

Travel and Exercise

Travel and ExerciseSummer is in full swing, and by now you’ve probably started wondering how to keep off the weight!  With summer time comes travel, vacation, eating out, and alot of inactivity thanks to the oppressive heat. All form a great combination for weight gain if you’re not mindful!

Travel and exercise can mix rather seamlessly though! If you’re traveling, set aside time to do something that raises your heart rate. Use your hotel’s fitness center if available, or choose to take the steps instead of an elevator. If on vacation, plan something activities that are fun in addition to why you’re going. For instance, go on an excursion that requires some hiking, or rent bicycles and ride them along the beach. When you eat out, keep it light, make healthy choices, and mind your alcohol intake.

Avoid Heat Illness: Stay Cool During Exercise

heat-illness-exercise-waterHere in Arizona it gets HOT; But, just because it gets dangerously hot, doesn’t mean people here lie inactive around the house during the summer months. In the midst of summer, it’s already 85F by 7AM, and by 10AM, temps are touching the 100s. To exercise in this 4 month oven, Arizonans make habit of a few simple, and easily adaptable practices. We can ALL learn something from how they deal with the heat.  Here are five tips for dealing with the heat, and avoiding heat illness regardless of where you live.

Kyphosis: Sit all Day, Hurt all Day

Avoid excessive kyphosis by properly setting up your workstation. NOT like this!Let’s face it, at one point or another, we’ve all had to sit for extended periods of time, looking at, or working on something in front of us. Whether it was in high school math class, Intro to Athletic Training in our undergraduate program, or our desk based career in the real world! Sitting for extended periods of time, with the focus in front can cause some changes to our musculoskeletal system, which if left unchecked, will wreak havoc throughout the kinetic chain. Kyphosis in relation to the spine describes a curve that is concave anteriorly and convex posteriorly. (1) Both the thoracic and sacrococcygeal regions display this curve, but it’s in the thoracic spine we commonly see problems arise.

The “Complimentary” Fitness Assessment

Personal Trainer with ClientWhat is a Fitness Assessment? How Do I Get Started?

Usually, when you join a fitness center, you’re offered a complimentary fitness assessment or orientation session with a personal trainer or fitness manager that works at the facility. Many of us absolutely dread something like this, where height, weight, blood pressure, flexibility, strength deficits, movement compensations and other vital stats are noted.

After you’re finished, you’ll be pitched with buying a personal training package. Some people readily avoid this experience, and would rather just start just to avoid being pitched. Instead, you should see this as a free session that teaches you more about your body, and where you are health-wise. Going through with an orientation session does not mean you’re obligated to buy personal training, so I’d advise you to take full advantage of it! If nothing else, you’ll get a feel for the professionalism and competence of the company that provides personal training services at your facility.